The Remnant Chronicles

The Remnant Chronicles
By Mary E. Pearson
Book 1 – The Kiss of Deception
Book 2 – The Heart of Betrayal
Book 3 – The Beauty of Darkness


Mary E. Pearson’s young adult series, The Remnant Chronicles, focuses on a princess who’s determined to change her preordained fate. Born into a highly traditional society, Lia decides to run away from home and an arranged marriage. While on the run, she encounters the prince she was promised to and an assassin who’s been sent to kill her. The three become bonded as they explore new kingdoms and meet new friends and enemies, all while Lia wrestles with love and her loyalties to her home country and tries to forge her own destiny.

Rating: 5/5


First, I want to say that I am not being paid or compensated for this review. I purchased these books myself from Amazon and Everything in this review are my own thoughts and opinions.

A little less than a year ago I was making my first purchase from and this book kept getting recommended to me. The cover was beautiful, and the description was right up my ally. Well I guess I didn’t pay attention to well because the book ended up being the third in the series. Right after I placed my order to I had cut myself off from buying books for a while to catch up on my TBR pile. So there sat number three of a series on my book shelf. One day I had had enough, and I went onto Amazon and bought the first two books.

I will say this is one of my best book purchases ever! I wish I would have just sucked it up and bought them when I found out my mistake. I could be reading this for a second time not the first time.

I have always had a soft spot for princess stories with a love triangle, but this story is like no other princess love triangle story. The princess, also known as, Lia is about to get married in an arranged marriage and is getting marked for her wedding. The mark represents her kingdom and the kingdom that she is marrying into. The mark turns out to have an important role in her adventures. She is tired of always having her life decided, as princesses usually are, and the one thing she wants most of all is love. Lia decides as she is supposed to be getting married that she can no longer take the pressure of marrying someone she has not met or gotten to know and runs away with Pauline.

We have four different pints of views in this series, but three are most present; Lia’s, the assassin and the prince. The fourth being Pauline but we do not hear as much from her. I couldn’t say which I preferred for they all fitted very well with the story and every character had something to say or make us see to realize what is happening. In my opinion I felt the character flows were very well put together and easy to put together. I never found myself struggling to find out what was going on and I really enjoyed that.

As for the love-triangle, I didn’t find it very over whelming and for once I found myself in the situation where I was actually rooting for both sides. I am usually the type of person to pick one and stick with it. But not this time I found myself picking one side and then reading more and choosing another.

As the series moves on from one book to another you watch Lia grow in the time that she is away from her kingdom and she grows to love and understand others.

The writing was spectacular for all three books. It was so impressive, and I completely fell in love with them. Every sentence or even description was flawless, in my opinion. One thing that I found myself is even though each of these books have over 500 pages I found myself wanting more and never growing tired of a certain topic. This is for sure a series that you should take a journey in. It will not disappoint!!!

Let me know what you think of the book! I would love to know how others feel about this book!


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