Baby Teeth Review

Baby Teeth
By Zoje Stage
Comes out: July 17, 2018


Sweetness can be deceptive.

Meet Hanna.

She’s the sweet-but-silent angel in the adoring eyes of her Daddy. He’s the only person who understands her, and all Hanna wants is to live happily ever after with him. But Mommy stands in her way, and she’ll try any trick she can think of to get rid of her. Ideally for good.

Meet Suzette.

She loves her daughter, really, but after years of expulsions and strained home schooling, her precarious health and sanity are weakening day by day. As Hanna’s tricks become increasingly sophisticated, and Suzette’s husband remains blind to the failing family dynamics, Suzette starts to fear that there’s something seriously wrong, and that maybe home isn’t the best place for their baby girl after all.

My rating: 4/5


First, I want to say that I am not being paid or compensated for this review. I was sent this book from St. Martin’s Press for an honest review. Everything in my review is my own thoughts and opinions.

The first thing I am going to say is this book is for sure not for everyone. This story is about a child wanting to kill their mother and that can be something that is really hard to process. It can be an uncomfortable read but if you can get pass that I for sure recommend sitting down and giving this one a try.

WOW! Just wow was this a story that just hit me hard. When I got this book I really had no idea what it was about or who #teamhanna or #teamsuzette was. I could not wait to start the book and find out which one I was. I really caught on from the beginning that I was a #teamsuzette. I have a step daughter and we have had a really rocky relationship and this story really hit hard with me as these situations reminded me of things I went through with her when she was younger. Zoje Stage really makes you think if this is a healthy mother/daughter situation and you really catch on that something needs to be done. This is my first Zoje Stage book that I have read, and I will be continuing to read her books. I just found it very hard to put down that I finished the book in just a couple hours. I sometimes like to take my time with books but with this one there was no taking my time. I had to know what was going to happen. This is for sure a book that everyone needs to read but be very aware that it can be very disturbing. I have always wanted to put down in words the things that I have gone through with my step daughter, but I find that people tend to not believe the things that I went through. It was kind of refreshing to find something that I could relate the situation to. I am not saying my step daughter was anywhere near as bad as Hanna, but it was just different reading where someone didn’t believe the things you were saying, and it took a horrible situation for people to start believing that the situations that you are explaining are actually happening. My step daughter is now 16 years old and we do not have those kinds of things going on anymore as she has grown older.

So back to the book, Hanna is a young girl that loves her daddy very much, her mother not so much and you can get this picture very early in the book. The story is told from Hanna and Suzette’s alternating perspectives. There are some terrifying and dysfunctional scenes in this story. Hanna is a very smart little girl, and everyone can see that, but she is mute. She does not talk, and they do not know why. She has a hard time in school and her father sucks it up to her being unable to talk. He doesn’t not believe his child can have these kinds of issues that everyone is telling him about. Hanna is being homeschooled as she has had issues when her mother has tried to take her to school. Suzette is really pushing for Hanna to be in school as she is not sure she can handle being home with Hanna anymore and she wants to do more of the work she did before Hanna was born. Throughout the book you have such a hard time reading about a child doing the tricks she is doing but you also want to continue to read to find out what happens. So, are you #teamhanna or #teamsuzette? Let me know!


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